Thought Process

by Exalted

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released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Exalted Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Behold, The Herald
Endless hunger
Consuming all in it’s wake
Free will laid to waste by the avarice of man
Hollow planet devoid of all light
I have come to destroy
The affliction

Isolation breeds evil that stems from my despair
This absence has left my soul bare

Isolation breeds evil from my despair
This absence
My purpose made aware
Track Name: Curse Of Want
Fueled desires
Hymns forever played back in the mind
Thoughts of madness
Corrupting all who pay heed to the lie

How does one cure a cancer (cancer)
That has been forged
Onto the masses

Dissatisfied by endless hunger
My search continues
Where will I wonder?

Liberation is
At it’s furthest absence
Liberation is
Now a foolish agenda

I will no longer detain
My demise

Bringing fourth devastation
Existing only to usher revelation

Stand before “The Fallen”
Ingest the selfishness spewed
From forked tongues

Feeding on fixation
Leaving all cold and forever


Why does one feast on the Forbidden Fruit?
This is The Curse Of Want
Realize fate now determines what you choose
This is The Curse Of Want

Infectious and clearly mislead
Never searching for the truth
That lies just beyond the end
Thus, the thought emerges

This is the obstruction
Leaving us cold and impaired


Leaving us cold
And impaired

The infatuation is the pinnacle of despair
This is the obstruction leaving you cold and impaired
This infatuation is the pinnacle of despair
The infatuation

Why do we feast on the Forbidden Fruit?
This is The Curse Of Want
Realize fate now determines what you choose
This is The Curse Of Want
This is The Curse Of Want

Desensitize one by one
Proceed the order
Proceed the plan

Desensitize one by one
Proceed the order
Proceed the plan

One by one
This Is The Curse Of Want
Track Name: The Master, The Plague
How do you fathom a force
May not be guiding you
Second nature to disregard belief

Is this solace or fortune yet to find?
This Deception precedes my demise

So tell me

Are my feeble thoughts based off perception?
Has the fear of the unknown belittled me?


Visions bleed forth through the veil
Displacing my mind and severing it’s will

Scourge of the earth
This rite of passage
Is now made yours to bare

Dawn of decline
Has become
Your concubine

Shifty eyes have held you close to fabrication
Daily incentives have keep you preoccupied

Will this bring me comfort?
Am I alone?

Discontent with what the plan unfolds
Is it in your nature?
Your life was never yours

The sky projects the demons in my mind
Taking control and never leaving options

Thoughts regress to something more
Primal in nature

Human degradation

Always reading into signals that were all fallacies
(The Illusions binding your mind)

My hypocrisy brought fourth this fate
(The Master, The Plague)

Final destination
Awaits those with hope in their eyes

Human degradation
The pride of man
Has led to the

Now you are reborn
Solely to replicate
Only to decimate
All Existence

I have been reborn
I Have been reborn to
Track Name: Omen(s)
Piece by piece
Sustained by manufactured routine
Single file to our great fulfillment
We create what no longer feeds us benefit

Pawn to ruthless games

Population deranged
We are born to see
Beyond the gate

Chaos will crumble at the hands of the powerful
Is the taste of control as sweet as spoken?

Festering inside
Will to decide
Recreate power or recreate virtue?
A man of nothing
Consumed by exploitation

Perception of surroundings have been altered
I raise to the task at hand unnerved

Bloodshot eyes for where I once stood

Have we grown or truly plateaued?
We no longer cure pain
Only accept it
Unveiling subconscious desires
Slightly aroused by my own infatuations
For now I am the embodiment of a fallen hero

So let this be a lesson to the dauntless idealists
So let this be a lesson to the dauntless idealists

'We've spoken pain in multiple terms
But have forgotten how to bring forth sincerity
Diverge through this life
Swallowed by what we aim to abolish
Our souls carve into the next
Restless minds shall tear us apart"

Undaunted warrior
The hero you hate
Disharmony has summoned you
Chaos shall reign again

Undaunted hero
The hero you hate
Disharmony has summoned you
Chaos shall reign again
Chaos shall reign
Track Name: Thy Soul To Take
Returning to restless bones
My reticent mouth
Shall not speak what these eyes have encountered
Insignificant to the rat race
Yearning for disconnection

Who has forsaken me?
Left me to abhorrent fate
Cease this hollow vessel
Let me start anew

Behold, my new realm
Endless possibility
No restraint, laceration, or apathy
Becoming omnipotent
Show me truth
Who is calling my name?
I wish to never depart

My body awakens from slumber
Haunting what remains
Endless calamity
Nothing was once what I had seen
Submit thee of misanthropy

Bring forth a sense of solace
Relinquish this reality
Enslaved, I call to my rapture
I shall return

Idea of perfection
Every little thing that you could want, granted
Summons me to the hour of secrecy

Pull these heartstrings delicately from my chest
Sacrifice my feeble shell, in exchange for bliss

Nothing more
Nothing more

Now I lay me down to sleep

Dearest foes do not mourn, do not dwell on me
Shed no tears, conceal them in your sympathy
Rest assured, all is well
The sequence is complete
Rest assured

Behold, my new realm
I do not bare the slightest regret
Behold, my new realm
I've left behind a dead world
Track Name: Thought Process
Torn between
That which once was
And all that has yet to be

I see no end to this vicious cycle
Set me free
Set me free

Is there more to this life than what seems?
Is the end, just the beginning?

There must be more to this life, than what seems
Is the end, just the beginning?

Why are the ones that we love most
So quick to take it all away, never looking back?

There must be more to this life, than what seems
Is this really the end or just a new beginning?

There must be a way to ease the pain?
Time is running out
Light my way
This emptiness will soon come to a close
Forgive me if I
Choose the cowards road

Under the weight of it all
Vision starts to blur
Thoughts are racing
I slowly give in
My prayers fall
Upon deaf ears

Seconds chipping away minutes
Hours decay
Weeks lost in my obsession
Years slip away

If I had just one more chance
If I had just one more chance

Ive found a way
To cease this pain
Time has run out
Darkness creeps its way
This emptiness now comes to a close
Forgive me, I’ve chosen the cowards road

Time has run out
Nowhere left to turn
I’ve lost sight of what once made me whole
This world has broken me down
This life has left me cold

Is a mans life measured
By the sins committed in the quest to find himself?
Why must a wasted life
Only find peace
In hindsight?

“Tear me apart break, me down piece by piece..
I drift away existing in dreams..
Salt my wounds, leave me for dead
A wasted life, true cowards end”

Tear me apart
Break me down piece by piece
I drift away existing in dreams
Salt my wounds
Leave me for dead
I’ve wasted my life!

Whats the measure of my life?
Was the evil sown into my heart and mind
Just enough to push me to the edge?
Fleeting existence, moments left till the end
Is there no other option?
The road less traveled
Is just on the horizon…