Thought Process

from by Exalted

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Torn between
That which once was
And all that has yet to be

I see no end to this vicious cycle
Set me free
Set me free

Is there more to this life than what seems?
Is the end, just the beginning?

There must be more to this life, than what seems
Is the end, just the beginning?

Why are the ones that we love most
So quick to take it all away, never looking back?

There must be more to this life, than what seems
Is this really the end or just a new beginning?

There must be a way to ease the pain?
Time is running out
Light my way
This emptiness will soon come to a close
Forgive me if I
Choose the cowards road

Under the weight of it all
Vision starts to blur
Thoughts are racing
I slowly give in
My prayers fall
Upon deaf ears

Seconds chipping away minutes
Hours decay
Weeks lost in my obsession
Years slip away

If I had just one more chance
If I had just one more chance

Ive found a way
To cease this pain
Time has run out
Darkness creeps its way
This emptiness now comes to a close
Forgive me, I’ve chosen the cowards road

Time has run out
Nowhere left to turn
I’ve lost sight of what once made me whole
This world has broken me down
This life has left me cold

Is a mans life measured
By the sins committed in the quest to find himself?
Why must a wasted life
Only find peace
In hindsight?

“Tear me apart break, me down piece by piece..
I drift away existing in dreams..
Salt my wounds, leave me for dead
A wasted life, true cowards end”

Tear me apart
Break me down piece by piece
I drift away existing in dreams
Salt my wounds
Leave me for dead
I’ve wasted my life!

Whats the measure of my life?
Was the evil sown into my heart and mind
Just enough to push me to the edge?
Fleeting existence, moments left till the end
Is there no other option?
The road less traveled
Is just on the horizon…


from Thought Process, released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Exalted Nashville, Tennessee

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